Limited week-long offer: $100 off plus free shipping
The Bluetooth speaker that syncs real flames to your music
Available in Obsidian Black or Matte Silver
This is the Bluetooth speaker that’s sure to “wow” your friends.
With a classy, modern design, it’s as much of a decorative conversation starter as it is a speaker
Leave it in the family room or kitchen, or take it on the porch while you barbeque… the choice is yours. Anywhere. Anytime.
  •  Bluetooth Enabled.
  •  Battery Powered: 8 hours of music
  •  Propane Fueled: 8 hours of fire
  •  Lightweight
Buy Now $549.99 $449.99
Buy Now $549.99 $449.99
A Modern, Industrial Design.
Finished with sustainable bamboo and industrial-grade aluminum, the contemporary look and feel of the Fireside Audiobox will bring your house to life with or without the flames.
Can you relate?
Have you ever sat around a campfire, completely captivated by the flames, and just watched them do their thing? Well, imagine that, except turned up a few notches.
"My goal with the aesthetics of the Audiobox was to ensure that it is a beautiful addition to your home as well as a conversation starter. It's elegant and intriguing, even when not in use; a functional piece of art."
- Tyrone Hazen, Designer
You've Never Seen A Speaker Like This.
What's Included
  •  Sustainable bamboo case
  •  Metallic Flame components
  •  Glass Panels
  •  3.5mm auxiliary line
  •  Charging cord
Enjoy a mesmerizing entertainment system that looks as good as it sounds. If you like unique products, this is for you.
Battery Powered
8 hours of music
Bluetooth Enabled
Use anywhere
Propane Fueled
8 hours of fire
Bring anywhere
The Fireside Audiobox
Available in Obsidian Black or Matte Silver
$100 off plus free shipping
Buy Now $549.99 $449.99
Limited week-long offer: $100 off plus free shipping