The speaker that syncs real flames to your music to craft a audio experience unlike any other


"Just used it for the first time, beautiful."

- Olver H. (Caledon, Ontario)


Instant conversation, delightful clean astonishing modern with the organic magic of warm flames. Instant wealth. Instant friends.

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Feature 1

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Feature 2

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A kings panel.

Listen the way you want.


Hard to describe what can only be experienced.

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"As hard as it is to describe wonderful experience of siting and reading with the Fireside Audiobox, I keep trying. From the first time you turn it on it's cleat it's an object I want to show and share."

"A unique and contemporary design that's adds delight to any space."

– Ron Sparks (Bend, Oregon)



Fireside Audiobox

A revolutionary audio system that syncs dancing flames to your favorite music.
Exclusive limited edition available now.


Technology enables running at home or anywhere you go.


With a battery that runs for 10 hours and propane that lasts on average 5 hours you can run anywhere you like offline. or plug it all in and run it at home. 

The product looks great but it's also crafted for use. If you have your own amazing audio system you can connect the Audiobox to any system and still have the flames sizzle along.

Part of the brilliance of the product is that it's effect is not simply for looking it actually lights the space around people up. More then something it look at it's something that fills a space with along side your play track.

No app required. You can steam from your phone with bluetooth without needing to have special software, the music you love already with an amazing splash of fire.


Designed by mix medium artist Tyone Hazen.


"My goal with the aesthetics of the Audiobox was to ensure that it is a beautiful addition to your home as well as a conversation starter. It's elegant and intriguing, even when not in use; a functional piece of art."

- Tyrone Hazen, Designer


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