Frequently Asked Questions



Dimensions: The lightweight, self-contained audio system stands 19.5 inches high, 14 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep.

Bluetooth-Enabled: With its built-in Bluetooth technology, users are able pair the Fireside Audiobox with any Bluetooth-enabled device for easy music streaming.

Battery-Powered: The onboard Li-po battery provides more than 8 hours of constant music on a single charge.

Propane Duration: The 16.4 oz canister typically lasts about 5 hours depending on pressure, environmental variables and the intensity of your music. These are readily available throughout North America at hardware, camping, and outdoor sports stores.

Expandable: The Fireside Audiobox can connect to your current audio system via the 3.5mm input jack and the Stereo RCA output jacks.


Anti-tip-over safety switch: The Fireside Audiobox is equipped with a tip-sensor that will shut off the flow of gas if the device is tipped over. 

Leak Detection: The Fireside Audiobox is equipped with a gas sensor that will shut off the flow of gas if a leak is detected.


Download the Fireside Audiobox Owners Manual in PDF format here


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